Daik 7 specializes in the production in all types of textile, satined, and nylon (taffeta) labels for all sizes and textures.
   The width of the produced labels is from  10  to  60 mm  and  the  length  is unlimited.
    Options are ultrasonic cutting of the satin fabrics, generation and printing of barcodes and QR codes.
   The materials used for the production of labels are of the highest quality  and meet the requirements set by the European Union.

   There is an opportunity for  coloured
and two-sided print in the following co-
lour configurations:  black,  red,  blue, green, silver, golden and white, printed over white, gray, ecru, and black base made  of  nylon  (taffeta), polyester or
   The production  of  the labels is per-
formed by modern machines, a world leader in the area of thermal transfer printing.
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